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Fact File of Calgary from another Lancaster > Calgary Chap

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Banff, AB.

So, I figured given how long I’ll be spending in Calgary, I’d tell you guys what I know about the place – particularly the stuff I’m most looking forward to!

The Place

Calgary is the biggest city in the province (Alberta), and is Canada’s third biggest city overall. Broadly speaking, it’s similar in size to God’s Own Country (aka Newcastle-upon-Tyne), especially in terms of population. Beyond that, it’s a stones throw from Banff National Park (above) – and with it, the Canadian Rockies (pretty, huh?). I skied a bit many years ago, and particularly with all the old facilities from the Calgary Winter Olympics (all the way back in 1988), I might have the chance to do so again! Even if I don’t get round to it, what a place to be surrounded by. Banff is definitely on the list of places to visit while I’m over there.


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Gates to the West

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Wise Words from a Fellow Study Abroader. Next Stop for us… Calgary

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“Okay, so I’ve got the thumbs up to study abroad, now what?!”

The feeling of excitement, ecstasy and disbelief that coursed through my veins when I was first told that I’d be going abroad for my 2nd year of university has been replaced by an overwhelming sense of panic!


I can’t describe it really! It’s like I’ve hit a brick wall! I’ve been ragging on at 100 mph since the start of university and now exams are over, holidays are over, and all seems quiet in the Bingham household! I don’t think that it’s quite sunk in yet, the fact that I’m going across the pond to begin a new chapter of my life, (well it isn’t really a pond, more like 3,612.61 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and to the Western side of Canada)!


Don’t get me wrong, YES I’m excited beyond belief, when I found out that I was…

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Hello Paperwork!


As I promised myself, a window seat has been booked. See you soon 34K.
Plane 1

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Whenever I’m feeling discouraged (annoyed, frustrated, irritated, aggravated, vexed) I think of this. 8 weeks and counting.  uqdl1vk


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Let’s Go…